WinZip® 21 Pro

Zip, protect, share, manage & backup files

  • Automated local and cloud backup
  • Zip from cameras, phones, scanners and more
  • Document and image previewing

Keep your files safe forever by upgrading to WinZip Pro. In addition to WinZip's comprehensive file compression, encryption and sharing features, WinZip Pro adds essential backup tools to protect you against data loss.

NEW! Automatic computer shutdown
For added security, you can now have WinZip shut down your computer for you after running an automatic backup.

Job Wizard Super Picker
Drag and drop files from almost anywhere into the Job Wizard for backup. Combine files from your computer folders, the network and cloud services in one backup. Save the resulting zip to the cloud if you wish. Automate back up and distribution by creating a job that gathers files from various cloud services, zips them and distributes the zip via email according to your schedule.

Fast backup
Enhanced automatic backup creation and editing lets you skip steps when defaults and settings do not need to be changed.

Automatic notifications
Send notifications by email and instant messaging when automated jobs have completed using the Job Wizard.

Back up to the cloud
Auto-backup to any connected cloud account, desktop folder or between cloud accounts.

Operating System Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
Internet Internet Explorer 8 or later